Easychairs & Sofas

Wigerdals Värld:
Krukmakargatan 14
(T-bana Mariatorget)
118 51 Stockholm
Mån - fre 12- 18
Lörd. 11 -15.
Tel: 08 - 31 64 04
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Danish coffee table i teak with tray drawers on each end. Maker unknown. Soffbord danmark. Wigerdals Värld Bruno Mathssson Piet Hein Superelips. Conference table. Konferensbord. Bench in oak ek bänk. Wigerdals Värld coffee table in glass and wooden base after Nogushi. Soffbord i glas med underrede i trä. Coffee table in teak, walnut and beech. Maker unknown. 149x55, height 52. Soffbord i teak valnöt bok. Wigerdals Värld
Coffee table
David Rosén for Nordiska Kompaniet, NK. Dinner table in different types of wood, brass details and with three extesion boards. Diam 115, total lenght 295 cm. Matbord  wigerdal Värld Algot Törneman for NK/Triva by Säffle Möbelfabrik, Sweden. Coffee table in oak with top in painted enameled metal. soffbord med bordsskiva i emaljerad metall.Wigerdals Värld ANesting table in oak and laminate. Maker unknown. Vintage 45x45, height 48 cm. Satsbord i ek med laminat.  Wigerdals Värld
Side tables in brass with top of dark glass. Maker unknown.Lampbord i mässing. glas. sidobord. Wigerdals Värld
Table Carl Malmsten bord  Wigerdals Värld
Carl Malmsten
Sven Engström/ Gunnar Myrstrand for Bodafors, Sweden. Folding table in teak and beech. Slagbord. Wigerdals Värld Sven Engström/Gunnar Myrstrand for Tingströms Möbler, Säffle. Coffee table in solid teak with inlays of lighter wood Soffbord vintage.Wigerdals Värld
Coffee table in teak and shelf in ratting. soffbord i teak tidningshylla Wigerdals Värld
Coffee table with top in mosaic and legs in black steel. 90x60, height 53 cm. mosaikbord Wigerdals Värld Nesting table in white metal with glass top. Maker unknown. 45x30, height 48 cm. satsbords i glas metall trädgårdsmöbel balkongmöbel. Wigerdals Värld
Ten table with enemel top with legs in crome steel. Made by Gustavsberg, Sweden. Sold in a group of ten table. Bord i emalj. Wigerdals Värld Serving trolley in teak and steel on wheels. Maker unknown. Drinkvagn serveringsvagn. Wigerdals Värld tabe elias svedberg NK teak. Wigedals Värld Vintage Dinner table in teak with a folding function. 90x90 alt 180x90, height 73 cm. Maker unknown.Wigerdals Värld
Nesting table
Dinner table