Easychairs & Sofas

Wigerdals Värld:
Krukmakargatan 14
(T-bana Mariatorget)
118 51 Stockholm
Mån - fre 12- 18
Lörd. 11 -15.
Tel: 08 - 31 64 04
0739 - 84 84 30


Drink trolley in birch and steel on wheels. serveringsvagn drinkvagn.Wigerdals Värld Bruno Mathssson Piet Hein Superelips. Conference table. Konferensbord. Satsbord nesting table coffee table in glass and wooden base after Nogushi. Soffbord i glas med underrede i trä. soffbord coffee table
Drink Trolley
Nils Jonsson Troeds Möbler. ¨Garmi¨. Dinner set rosewood. six chairs with table. Matsalsgrupp i jakarnada med sex stolar, bord med 2 st iläggskivor. wigerdal Värld Round dinner table in teak with a base in brass. Maker unknown.  matbord teak Wigerdals Värld Drink trolley in brass and laminate on wheels. Servieringsvagn drinkvagn. Wigerdals Värld
Cecare Lacca. tabel with wheels bar trolley serveringsbord.  Wigerdals Värld
Table Carl Malmsten bord  Wigerdals Värld
Carl Malmsten
Bed table in mahogany Sängbord nattduksbord i mahogny. Make up table in mahogany by Carl Malmsten for Bodafors, Sweden. Sminkbord i mahogny.  Wigerdals Värld
Coffee table in teak and shelf in ratting. soffbord i teak tidningshylla Wigerdals Värld
Dinner table teak matbord i teak. Wigerdals Värld Jens quistgaard brickbord tray table teak
Carl Malmsten
Ten table with enemel top with legs in crome steel. Made by Gustavsberg, Sweden. Sold in a group of ten table. Bord i emalj. Wigerdals Värld Serving trolley in teak and steel on wheels. Maker unknown. Drinkvagn serveringsvagn. Wigerdals Värld tabe elias svedberg NK teak. Wigedals Värld Bertil Fridhagen. Side table in teak with two flaps and shelf in ratting. Lampbord med två klaffar i teak med rotting. Wigerdals Värld
Tingströms Möbl
Berlil Fridhagen