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Krukmakargatan 14
(T-bana Mariatorget)
118 51 Stockholm
Mån - fre 12- 18
Lörd. 11 -15.
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¨Mr Robot¨. Yonezawa, Japan circa 1961. Robot run by battery in tin and plastic. leksaksrobot Wigerdals Värld
Mechanical walking Robot. SY Toys. Japanese toy robot Leksaksrobot. Wigerdals Värld Gemini ¨Mighty Atom¨ (Astro boy) by Billiken 1997. Wind up tin toy, mint in box. Height 22 cm. Wigerdals Värld Jetgun ¨ High Wheel Robot¨. Wind-up robot in tin and plastic by Yoshiya, Japan. Some minor rost and paint stains.
Mr Robot-The Mechanical Brain.  toy Robot Japan Alps Co leksaksrobot plåt 1950. Wigerdals Värld. Barbie in porcelain. ¨Gay Parisienne 1959 ¨ A Mattel remake 1991. Mint with box but one shoe is missing.  Wigerdals Värld Porcelain Barbie. ¨Solo in the Spot 1961¨ Matte remake from 1991 mint in box. Wigerdals Värld ¨Space Scooter¨ by Masudaya, Japan 1960's. Vintage toy. space toy. Wigerdals Värld ¨Friction Machine Gun¨ Toy gun in tin. Japan 1950's. Mint in box. Plåtleksak Vintage toy Wigerdals Värld .Wigerdals Värld Spacetank
 Original Vintage Robby Space Patrol By Namora ¨Piston Action Tractor¨ Battery driven tin tractor, mint in box. Nomura, Japan. 1950-60's. Plåtleksak traktor. Vintage toy. Wigerdals Värld aurora monster assembly kit Star Trek doll i box by Mego, 1979. ¨Arcturian¨. Italian edition. Star Trek docka. Wigerdals Värld Star Trek doll i box by Mego, 1979. ¨Capt. Kirk¨. Italian edition. Near mint. Height 34. Star Trek doll i box by Mego, 1979. ¨Klingon¨. Italian edition. Near mint. Height 34.Star trek docka Wigeradals Värld
04lek_S skjutbana shooting range Aurora  Sealed plastic assembly kit. 1/32 scale. American boxes. 1960's. Mint.  Mako Shark corvette Chevy Chaparall.  Wigerdals Värld urora plastic assembly kit of ¨Yamato¨, Japanese Battleship. Box sealed in plastic, ca 40 cm. Made in Nederlands. Byggsats slagskepp japan Wigerdals Väld
Aurora plastic assembly kit. ¨Forgotten Prisoner¨ & ¨Frankenstein¨. Original US boxes sealed in plastic. 1960's. Monsterbyggsatser Wigerdals Värld
Aurora plastic assembly kit. ¨USS Constitution¨. Mint in sealed US box 1967. Old Ironsides. slagskepp Wigerdals Värld