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Krukmakargatan 14
(T-bana Mariatorget)
118 51 Stockholm
Mån - fre 12- 18
Lörd. 11 -15.
Tel: 08 - 31 64 04
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¨Mr Robot¨. Yonezawa, Japan circa 1961. Robot run by battery in tin and plastic. leksaksrobot Wigerdals Värld
Mechanical walking Robot. SY Toys. Japanese toy robot Leksaksrobot. Wigerdals Värld Gemini ¨Chevrolet Red Cross Ambulance¨. Tin toy Chevy station wagon 1956 by Bandai, Japan. Plåtbil. Vintage toy. Wigerdals Värld Jetgun ¨ High Wheel Robot¨. Wind-up robot in tin and plastic by Yoshiya, Japan. Some minor rost and paint stains.
Driving school toy containing a magnetic driven car or motorbike with houses, road signs etc. Körskola leksak Vintage. Wigerdals Värld. BFord Fairlane 500 Skyliner. Battery remote controlled  tin toy by Cragstan, Japan 1950's. Length 30 cm. Car in mint condition, box has some ware. Wigerdals Värld Porcelain Barbie. ¨Solo in the Spot 1961¨ Matte remake from 1991 mint in box. Wigerdals Värld ¨Space Scooter¨ by Masudaya, Japan 1960's. Vintage toy. space toy. Wigerdals Värld ¨Friction Machine Gun¨ Toy gun in tin. Japan 1950's. Mint in box. Plåtleksak Vintage toy Wigerdals Värld .Wigerdals Värld Spacetank
 Original Vintage Robby Space Patrol By Namora ¨Piston Action Tractor¨ Battery driven tin tractor, mint in box. Nomura, Japan. 1950-60's. Plåtleksak traktor. Vintage toy. Wigerdals Värld aurora monster assembly kit Star Trek doll i box by Mego, 1979. ¨Arcturian¨. Italian edition. Star Trek docka. Wigerdals Värld Star Trek doll i box by Mego, 1979. ¨Capt. Kirk¨. Italian edition. Near mint. Height 34. Star Trek doll i box by Mego, 1979. ¨Klingon¨. Italian edition. Near mint. Height 34.Star trek docka Wigeradals Värld
04lek_S skjutbana shooting range Aurora  Sealed plastic assembly kit. 1/32 scale. American boxes. 1960's. Mint.  Mako Shark corvette Chevy Chaparall.  Wigerdals Värld urora plastic assembly kit of ¨Yamato¨, Japanese Battleship. Box sealed in plastic, ca 40 cm. Made in Nederlands. Byggsats slagskepp japan Wigerdals Väld
Aurora plastic assembly kit. ¨Forgotten Prisoner¨ & ¨Frankenstein¨. Original US boxes sealed in plastic. 1960's. Monsterbyggsatser Wigerdals Värld
Aurora plastic assembly kit. ¨USS Constitution¨. Mint in sealed US box 1967. Old Ironsides. slagskepp Wigerdals Värld